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​​We are an inclusive and welcoming Reform Jewish congregation from diverse backgrounds joined together to celebrate Jewish culture, education, and the arts.

Who We Are…

You will feel at home at CBT whether you’re a secular or observant Jew. We welcome you and invite you to join our community for Jewish culture, learning, observance, or simply to enjoy community.

Mission Statement

​​We are an inclusive and welcoming Reform Jewish congregation from diverse backgrounds joined together to celebrate Jewish culture, education, and the arts.

We support Israel and her people and are committed to performing mitzvot (good deeds) and tzedakah (charitable works) for the benefit of our community. We welcome people from all backgrounds and lifestyles. We believe that whether we are spiritual, religious, agnostic, or atheist, that we can unite for the purpose of Tikkun Olam, to make the world a better place.

Located in the heart of Santa Fe, Congregation Beit Tikva (the House of Hope) is a vibrant, egalitarian, and independent community, welcoming Jews from all corners of our country. Under the leadership of Rabbi Martin Levy, our congregants are exploring the meaning of Jewish life and the ways we can enhance and strengthen our Jewish identity.

Whether you have come from a deeply rooted Jewish background, or are new to the multi-faceted world of Jewish practice and learning, Beit Tikva welcomes you into our home. We are a multi-generational community committed to learning, prayer, music and the practice of good deeds.

Join us for inspiring and musically oriented Shabbat services on Friday evenings. Once a month we gather for a Shabbat morning service, which is preceded by our regular Torah study session with participants from around the country. Our Torah sessions include students from the East and West coasts, as well as many interested participants in the northern New Mexico region.

Latest News

RebbeSoul, Stephanie, and Me

Some years ago I met Stephanie Liss, award winning playwright, through a Facebook women’s group. It became obvious the antisemitism wasn’t going to let up in that group so we

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Swing Soleil to Perform at CBT

We love music here at Congregation Beit Tikva. Hilary Schacht, violinist extraordinaire, is our connection to this wonderful band. Hilary has blessed us with her musical talent during Shabbat services.

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Opportunities to Participate

Beit Tikva is a warm and friendly Jewish community, comprised of households from diverse corners of the Jewish world. As you become part of our family, you participate in challenging intellectual and spiritual soul searching. We host a plethora of classes, including Shabbat Torah study, and special seminars on famous Jewish thinkers. We have delved into the world of Maimonides, Spinoza, Luzzatto, and contemporary sages. Our summer learning features a special guest series on Kabbalah. At Beit Tikva we are showcasing the finest in art, music, and Jewish culture throughout the year. Being part of Beit Tikva enables us to celebrate Torah, Israel and the joy of reaching towards the Almighty.

Who belongs to Congregation Beit Tikva?

Our members and friends come from all corners of the Jewish world. We are a highly diverse group, a community that evolved in the late 1990’s under the leadership of the late Rabbi Leonard Helman, z”l. Many of our members made Santa Fe their new home after careers in other parts of the United States. We are Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, agnostic, atheist, spiritually seeking Jewish souls, dedicated to fashioning a welcoming Jewish community.

We encourage Jews of all ages to learn about their Jewish heritage. We offer B’nai Mitzvah learning for young students as well as adults. Recently we celebrated the adult B’nai Mitzvah class of three members, who had never studied during their teenage years.

Beit Tikva welcomes and embraces many mixed households. We are open to those who share diverse spiritual backgrounds. Ultimately Congregation Beit Tikva is a welcoming “bayit,” a house of meeting, a home of study and culture, and a fountain of spiritual enlightenment which enables us to follow the teachings of the Almighty.



Security is essential. Your safety is important to us. We have gone to great lengths including placement of security cameras, personnel, and other measures.

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