Food for Recovering Jews

Rabbi Leonard Helman Education Center

August 26 @ 12 pm

Don’t feel alone – join the Congregation Beit Tikva Salon and Pass the Bagels!

An informal discussion group about being Jewish

What do we talk about here? Come share your story!

– You were born Jewish – then what happened?
– Was it pressure to conform or free will?
– Not every Jew goes to services, but each one has a Jewish identity – Maintaining Jewish identity in a secular atmosphere


NOSH Provided!

Parashat Nitzavim-Va'yelech: Deuteronomy 29:9 to 31:30

Selichot Shabbat September 8, 2023 This Shabbat, proceeding Rosh Hashanah, includes two Torah portions for our reading. “Nitzavim,” is a…

Parashat Ki Tavo: Deuteronomy 26:1 to 29:8

Shabbat September 1, 2023 Our Torah portion addresses the time when the Israelites will settle in the land of Israel,…

Parashat Kee Tetzey: Deuteronomy 21:10 to 25:19

Shabbat 8/25/23 Our Torah portion continues the rules for the Israelites when engaged in warfare. “Kee tetzey,” when you go…