Jordan Wax helps us celebrate Jewish Culture

CBT celebrates Jewish culture with a series of programs by Jordan Wax, Yiddish language teacher and Yiddish and Klezmer musician extraordinaire.

Jordan Wax is a Santa Fe musician and cultural activist whose work centers on the unique role that music and language can play as a pathway into intergenerational identity and creativity.
For 25 years he has studied regional music and language traditions in apprenticeship with elders in the context of Ashkenazi, New Mexico, Mexican, Missouri Ozarks, and Ecuadorian communities where he has lived.
Jordan’s work with Yiddish began 23 years ago with a summer immersion with Peysakh Fiszman at the Oxford Institute for Yiddish Studies, and has since been guided by secular Yiddishists who have modeled the vital role Yiddish can play in our lives today: Perl Teytlboym (Wrocław,Poland), Misha Limanovich (Minsk, Belarus), Moishe Katsova (Kyiv, Ukraine), and Moishele Alfonso (Miami Beach, FL).
May 14 @ 4:00 pm. Week 1 of 3. History and Intro to Yiddish Language and Music. One easy Yiddish song to learn! Ends with a musical performance by Jordan. Tickets are $18 and available now.

May 21 @ 4:00 pm. Week 2 of 3. Yiddish Singalong & Performance. Lyrics will be provided. Tickets are $18 and available now.

May 28 @ 4:00 pm. Week 3 of 3. Intro to Klezmer music & performance. Tickets are $18 and available now.

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