Opportunities as a Beit Tikva Member

Celebrating Together


Torah 2

The first five books of the Hebrew Bible. 613 mitzvot including 365 “don’t do” and 248 “do.” Rabbi Levy is well learned in the Torah and conducts Torah study every Shabbat morning at 9:30 am via Zoom, and sometimes in person.


Elisheva sings Turn Back O Man

Jewish culture and arts are a cornerstone of the Congregation Beit Tikva experience. We have musical performances, art, lectures, and other events to feed the mind and soul at our Synagogue Different.

Good Deeds

Volunteers serving hot soup for homeless in community charity donation center. Group of young people helping with food to alleviate hunger

Tikkun Olam (Repair the World) is an important tenet in Judaism and seems to be in the DNA of secular and religious Jews alike. CBT supports the local community food banks, homeless shelters, and children’s causes. Rabbi Levy also visits congregants who are ill or in need of comfort. 

Life at Beit Tikva

See What People Say

I came to Beit Tikva from a mixed religious background and it was both Rabbi Hellman and Rabbi Levy that encouraged me to explore and feel safe in doing so. In this fragmented world it is dialogue within community that holds the most hope and Beit Tikva carries that responsibility with grace.
Galen Blum

Join Our Community!

Come join us for a Sabbath service, a class, or an event. You are always welcome!