The Intermediate days of Passover:  Exodus 33:12 to 34:26

For the week of April 26, 2024

We have just celebrated a festive congregational Seder with family and friends at Beit Tikva. Sixty-five persons strong! It was an evening to reflect on our history and the journey towards redemption that is integral to the Passover story.

This Shabbat we read a special ‘parashah’ for the intermediate daysof Pesach. We return to Exodus, and Moses conversation with the Divine, beseeching God to allow him to experience the ‘glory’ i.e. presence of the divine. Having gone through a “teshuvah” for the people because of the golden calf episode, Moses encounters God and asks that he might “see” God’s glory. This famous passage raises the question: how do we experience the divine presence in our lives? Is an encounter with God an intellectual experience, an emotional experience, or do we imagine that we can truly “see” the divine reality in our daily lives? Join us for a serious discussion about our Passover journey, and the ways in which we encounter the Divine.

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