We Stand With Israel

Now is the time to come together in community. 

As we awakened on Shabbat morning October 7th, we learned that Israel has been attacked by the Hamas terrorist organization, by sea, air, and ground, entering the land of Israel and wantonly killing soldiers and Israeli citizens. The resulting carnage against Israel has left hundreds dead, more than a thousand wounded, and dozens of Israelis taken as hostages by the Hamas soldiers. The price Israel has paid today is enormous. Many of our congregants have friends and family in Israel. Congregation Beit Tikva stands with Israel.  

We are ardent supporters of the nation of Israel.   

We remain steadfast in our support of all Israelis, and foremost, those on the ground who have been personally impacted by this tragedy. We will continue to inform you of ways that you may support as the needs arise. One avenue to assist is through the Magen David Adom, the Israeli Red Cross.      

Am Yisrael Chai,  

Rabbi Martin Levy

Elisheva Herrera, President

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